Aktuell erheben wir einen Treibstoffzuschlag von 15,00 %.

Important information


1. the weapons must always be completely disassembled; in the case of an X-ray inspection it must be clearly evident that the respective weapon is disassembled and not ready to fire!

2. the weapons must be securely packed in at least 2 boxes!

3. all papers (export and import permit) must be sent to us in advance as a PDF file attachment to: [email protected] at least 1 working day before the collection date.

4. shipping is ONLY possible in FULL cardboard packaging!

5. even gun cases must be completely boxed!

6. no ammunition may be inserted, not even empty cases!

7. pick-ups are only possible in mainland Europe!

8. the packages must not be longer than 150 cm!

9. all papers must be inserted as copies IN THE PACKAGES!

10. the packages must be kept completely neutral, no indications of the contents may be attached from the outside! (Otherwise, in some countries, the sender will be interpreted as an inducement to commit a possible criminal offence, in which case the packages can be confiscated by customs or the police and destroyed at the expense of the sender).

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